ConvertMyFiles is optimized to be used on any device! Therefore, you can convert or combine files, or access your previously converted files, from any location.

This step-by-step guide takes you through the process of using ConvertMyFiles on a mobile device. For the purposes of this example we will be looking at How to Combine to PDF with iOS

1) This is the Home Page. Either scroll down or click the menu icon to see the list of available converters.

2) Select a converter. For this example we will use ‘Combine to PDF’.

3) You will then be taken to this page with the instructions at the top. Scroll down to use the converter.

4) Click ‘+ Add Files’ to upload your files.

5)  Your can upload files from your camera, photo library, iCloud Drive or Google Drive.

6) Your desired files will be uploaded from your selected location.

7) The converter will update as each file is uploaded. Once everything is uploaded, click ‘Combine to PDF’.

8) The converter will say ‘Processing’ when it is converting.

9) Scroll down to ‘My Converted Files’.

10) When conversion is complete, click the file name to download. You can then share your PDF in various different ways or open it in an iOS PDF reader.