Difference between searchable PDF and image PDF

ConvertMyFiles supports file conversion to both searchable PDF and image PDF. While some might argue that a searchable PDF is more useful and practical than an image PDF, they both have their purposes.

A PDF, how most people are familiar with the format, is a searchable Adobe® PDF. When working with this kind of PDF you can click hyperlinks, use bookmarks, highlight, annotate and, as the name suggests, search for content. This is because a searchable PDF encapsulates a complete description of the file including the text, fonts, graphics, etc.

The key difference between a searchable PDF and an image PDF is that the image PDF lacks the text layer associated with the file. An image PDF is essentially a photo of the page and therefore lacks any information in regards to the actual content of the page.

An image PDF is typically created when people scan a document on a physical scanner. That said, an image PDF does have the benefit of additional security because it is impossible to search the document using keywords and difficult to copy & paste the text.

As previously mentioned, it is impossible to search an image PDF because the text layer is missing. However, it is possible to rebuild this text layer through a process called OCR. OCR is ideal for image conversions where new information needs to be added to the output searchable file; information that was not originally present in the input image file.

In conclusion: the difference between a searchable PDF and an image PDF is just as the name implies – the ability to use Crtl-f!

New! PDF to Word Just Added

We have just added our latest ConvertMyFiles.com feature – converting Adobe® PDF to Word (RTF) documents.

This new feature allows you to access the text layer locked inside a PDF and edit that text as a Word document. Although ConvertMyFiles cannot guarantee error free PDF to Word (RTF) conversion, this converter does give users access to all text from the PDF so that it may be reformatted and edited as required.

Simply add your PDF files to the upload list in the order you want them to be and press the Convert PDF to Word button to quickly and easily create RTF files.

Ready to try it? Click the link below to start.

We hope you find this new feature useful and would love to hear from you if you have any questions or thoughts on how we can improve our site further.

– The ConvertMyFiles.com team.

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Understanding your Membership Options

ConvertMyFiles offers a variety of membership types to suit a range of conversions needs. That being said, they can be sorted into two general categories: non-renewing and renewing.


Our 24-hour membership cost $1 and is a non-renewing, one-time payment. This membership is tailored made for those users whom are looking for a quick and easy solution for a one-off troublesome document. This membership give you 24-hour access to the ConvertMyFiles site, with the following confines:

  • Upload files up to 200MB
  • Up to 50 conversions for the day
  • Converted files kept for 1 week

If you would like to convert 5 or more times a month, then it is more economically and logistically simpler to select one of our auto-renewing subscription options. All the information from this point forward is in regards to our monthly recurring subscriptions.

Our Bronze subscription cost $4.99 US/month. This subscription allows users to upload files up to 200MB and complete 50 conversions per month without any time restrictions. If you feel that these confines are too restrictive we also offer our Silver subscription for $9.99 US/month, which allows you to upload file up to 400MB and complete up to 125 conversions per month. At the highest end of our services is our Gold subscription for $24.99 US/month, allowing you to upload files up to 800MB and complete up to 350 conversions per month.


All three of our subscription level auto-renew monthly by charging your PayPal account. That being said, you can cancel your paid memberships with ConvertMyFiles at any time, thereby returning to a free users. You can cancel your subscription by clicking Cancel in the subscriptions details section of your account page. This is accessible from the front page by clicking Edit Profile under the My Subscription tab. This will automatically contact PayPal and cancel the approved payments for your ConvertMyFiles.com subscription.


In order to upgrade or change your current subscription you need to cancel your current subscription first, and then select the new subscription. You can cancel your current subscription following the instructions in the previous paragraph. Once the payments have been cancelled use the Renew your subscription link on the same Edit Profile page to choose a new subscription.


We hope that this detailed breakdown of our payment options helped you decide on which membership would be best for your needs.

The ConvertMyFiles.com Team

ConvertMyFiles Working for Engineering Students

The computer software AutoCAD has become a vital tool to engineers everywhere, allowing every technical detail of their design to be planned with accuracy and precision. While AutoCAD Drawings (DWG) and Design Review Drawings (DWF, DWFX) are common file formats across a range of engineering disciplines, in an education setting PDF documents are often required for online submission of assignments. ConvertMyFiles is a perfect solution for engineering students looking to convert their DWG, DWF or DWFX files to PDF in a reliable and high quality manner. The best part about our tool is that it is online (no software download required) and affordable!

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Guide to our 24-hour Subscription

ConvertMyFiles is a subscription based conversion service, offering membership packages based on the size and amount of files needing to be converted monthly. In order to accommodate our single-use users, ConvertMyFiles offers a 24-hour subscription for only $1 USD!

This 24-hour access allows users to:

  • Upload files up to 200MB in size
  • Convert up to 50 times
  • Access their converted files for 1 week

When this $1 subscription expires in 24 hours, it will NOT auto-renew. ConvertMyFiles appreciates that some users are just looking for a single-use conversion solution, and our high-quality, reliable conversion service might just be that solution!

Here is a step-by-step guide to converting with our 24-hour subscription:

1) Select your converter by either using the (a) easy to use buttons on the home page or the (b) ‘Convert Files’ menu tab.


2) All details for the type of conversions allowed, based on the converter you selected, are listed. For this example the ‘Office to PDF’ converter has been selected.


3) Enter a notification email address, upload file(s) you wish to convert and click convert.

4) It generally takes less than a minute for your file(s) to convert.


5) Once file(s) have converted, simply click the file name to download.


6) If you are using a free account, our system will prompt you to sign up for a subscription. If you would like to pay $1 for our 24-hour subscription, simply click “24-hour subscription” here.


7) You will then see a payment page detailing your current subscription type and the cost of the $1 24-hour subscription. Once you have agreed to our Terms & Conditions, you will be taken to pay-pal to complete the purchase. You also have the option to select one of our other membership packages from the table below.


Converting with our 24-hour subscription is easy-to-use and affordable. ConvertMyFiles guarantees the quality of our conversions. If you have any issues converting or you are not happy with your conversion, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at convertmyfiles@peernet.com or on Twitter at @convertmyfiles.